08 January 2010

Resource: Online 'complete' Polish dictionary

Jasia at the Creative Gene blog is doing a Happy Dance.

She stopped dancing long enough to inform her readers about a great resource for linguistically challenged Polish researchers.

She covers a new online complete Polish dictionary in her post.

I now have what I have longed for for many years... a complete Polish / English dictionary. It's not an ordinary Polish / English dictionary, it's a COMPLETE one. What do I mean by that? I mean I can look up a Polish word in any of it's glorious conjugations or cases and find out what it means. This is terrific because in the past I'd have had to know the root of a word to find it's meaning and with 7 cases in the Polish language, believe me, that was often a challenging task.

Here's an example of what I mean...

mieć = to have

Present Tense-Actual
ja mam = I have
on/ona/ono ma = he/she/it has
my mamy = we have
wy mamy = they have
oni /one mają = they have

Read Jasia's complete post and learn why she is so happy.

Then view the Online Dictionary, Polish>English, English>Polish, billed as a web-based language-learning resource, with Polish-English and English-Polish search capability. See the very detailed intro to this resource for useful information.

The site also features an interactive Polish library, with information about culture, film, literature, educational materials and more.

It should help many of us who are researching Polish ancestors.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog Schelly :-) When you take a break from all the blogging you're doing come dance with me!