14 January 2010

Family Tree Magazine: New issue

The March 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine provides another great issue for researchers, providing many practical resources and articles.

It went on sale January 5 and, if you have a subscription, you're already enjoying it.

Diane Haddad covered the new issue in her Genealogy Insider post.

--Assess your genealogical fitness level with a “Shaping Up” survey. Find links to classes, websites, books and organizations to help everyone, from beginners to experts, brush up on skills or learn new ones.

--Learn about your ancestors with a social history of their times, such as childbirth practices in our grandmothers' and great-grandmothers' days, in"We Deliver for You." There's information on birth, hospital and midwives' records.

--"Flirting With Disaster” will help you understand about disasters our ancestors lived through ... or didn't. Find sources to victims' names.

--"Go Go Gadgets" tells researchers what to look for in seven technology tools - a practical article comparing popular models for each tool.

--There's a Toolkit Tutorial on Twitter and its new vocabulary for social networking.

--How to keep your family connected via a family website with the MyHeritage Web Guide, detailing how to use a tree on MyHeritage.com to do research and connect with family.

Other articles include Puerto Rican root tracing, color photography and sources to help African-American researchers.

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