14 December 2009

Israel: Persian Gulf Jewish Communities

A conference held by the Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies (University of Haifa) now features the presentations via video online.

The international colloquium, titled "The Jewish Communities of the Persian Gulf: New Themes in Their Modern History," took place May 15, 2006.

Among the speakers:

Conference Welcome

--Dr. Meir Ezri, former Israeli Ambassador to Iran. (Watch, Listen)

-- Prof. Amatzia Baram, Department of Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa (Watch, Listen)

Session 1: The Realm of Baghdadi Jewish Entrepreneurs
Chair: Prof. Amalia Levanoni

-- Dr. Chiara Betta: Rethinking Baghdadi Jewish Networks in Shanghai Watch, Listen)

-- Prof. Gad G. Gilbar: The Sassoons in Iran, Amin al-Zarb in Hong Kong: Some Lessons (Watch, Listen) (NOTE: Tracing the Tribe watched this very interesting presentation of the Sassoon family, whose empire stretched to Hong Kong).

-- Questions from the Audience (Watch)

Session 2: Jewish-Muslim Socio-economic Relations in Late Qajar Iran
Chair: Prof. David Yeroushalmi, Tel Aviv University

-- Dr. Heidi Walcher: Commercial Relations and Mercantile Networks in 19th Century Isfahan(Watch, Listen)

-- Dr. Daniel Tsadik: Shi'i-Jewish Relations in the pre-Constitutional Years: The Shiraz Incident of 1905 (Watch, Listen)

Session 3: Cultural Aspects of Jewish Life: Iran and Iraq
Chair: Dr. Soli Shahvar, University of Haifa

-- Prof. Goel Cohen: The Iranian Jewish Press during the Pahlavi Period. This was not recorded.

-- Dr. Ronen Zeidel: Once City, Different Views: Baghdad in the Recent Writings of Sami Michael, Sasson Somekh and Salim Fatal (Watch, Listen)

Concluding Remarks

Prof. Amatzia Baram (Watch)

These are interesting topics and perspective not usually addressed elsewhere.

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