06 December 2009

Family Tree Magazine: Photo-Retouch Webinar, Dec. 9

Look around your house now. Do you see faded or scratched photos? Tracing the Tribe has a few in this category.

I've tried to fix some of them with varying degrees of success, but need some expert help. Riding to the rescue is Family Tree Magazine's next Family Tree University webinar on Photo-Retouching, set for December 9.

Editor Allison Stacey and art director Christy Miller - who fixes photos on a daily basis - will help participants digitally correct flaws and bring your family pictures back to life. They are subtitling it "Give Great-Grandma a Makeover."

Early color photos are victims of fading as most of us know personally. Each webinar participant is invited to submit a photo and Christy will demonstrate the techniques on some during the session. Afterward, each webinar registrant will receive a digital copy of his or her retouched photo.

The two will also offer tips on getting good scans of pictures, recommend user-friendly (and wallet-friendly) photo-editing software, and tell you how to get professional help for repairing badly damaged pictures.

Learn all about it at 7pm, Wednesday, December 9, at "Photo Retouching: How to Bring Old Family Photos Back to Life." The cost is $49.99 and includes participation in the live session and Q&A, unlimited access to the webinar recording, downloadable Genealogy Guidebook featuring 100+ brick wall-busting tips, and a digital copy of your retouched photo.

Click here to register at ShopFamilyTree.com. After registering, use the link on your order confirmation page to confirm your webcast registration.

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  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Hm-m-m. The$50.00 fee seems a bit high considering that Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker's webinars are free of charge.