15 November 2009

ShtetLinks: What's new for you?

Many researchers have created online memorials to the Jewish communities where their ancestors once lived. These sites are a valuable resource for current researchers and for those who will be searching for information in the future.

The sites are on JewishGen at the links below for each.

These are the new (N) as well as the updated (U) sites for October, listed by current country.

Harbin, China (U)

Homyel (Gomel, Homl), Belarus (N)
Created by: Paul Zoglin

Varniai (Vorne), Lithuania (N)
Created by: Susan Gerichter
Webpage Design: ShtetLinks volunteer Greg Meyer

Zagare (Zhager), Lithuania (N)
Created by: Cliff Marks
Webpage Design: ShtetLinks volunteer Nicky Carklin

Aukstoji Panemune (Panemon, Poniemon Frentzela), Lithuania (U)

Pila (Schneidemuhl), Poland (N)
Created by: Peter Cullman

Poruba pod Vihorlatom (Nemetvagas), Slovakia (N)
Created by: Marshall J. Katz

Grimaylov (Grzymalow, Hrymajiliv), Ukraine (N)
Created by: Susana Leistner Bloch
Webmaster: Edward Rosenbaum

Strabychovo (Sztrabicso, Strabichevo), Ukraine (N)

Compiled by: Amos Israel Zezmer
Created/Webpage Design: Marshall J. Katz

Kovel (Kowel), Ukraine (U)

Tracing the Tribe readers who would like to create a webpage for their ancestral shtetls or kahals (there is a Sephardic communities section), or adopt an existing orphan shtetlpage should send an email for more information.

If creating webpages and HTML is not your thing, don't worry. A group of dedicated individuals will help you create this memorial for your ancestral home.

For more information, contact Susana Leistner Bloch, ShtetLinks vice president.

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