08 November 2009

San Francisco: DNA at the Bay, Nov. 15

"Using DNA for Genealogy" is the topic at the next meeting of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society (SFBAJGS) on Sunday, November 15.

The program runs from 12.30-3pm at the Jewish Community High School in San Francisco.

Speaker Dave Howard, whom I know from my annual visits to northern California, will demystify using DNA for genealogical purposes. He'll present simple, clear answers to your DNA questions; which company, the costs, understanding results, matching results with major databases and how to deal with your genetic matches.

Dave will explain it all in simple terms, not scientific jargon. Bring your questions.

He's not a scientist, but a retired tax lawyer/CPA who used to develop tax strategies for large multinational corporations and had to explain those strategies in simple terms to corporate officers.

An SFBAJGS board member, Dave holds BS, MPA and JD degrees and has - for more than 30 years - been the FamilyTreeDNA.com Group Administrator for the Jewish_Q group and the Horowitz Surname project for more than three years.

Don't miss this meeting if you want to learn more about DNA genetic genealogy. If you go, make sure to ask hDave about the Jewish Q group - that should be a meeting all on its own!

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