06 November 2009

Poland: Sopot Jewish cemetery desecrated

According to the Jerusalem Post, vandals have desecrated a Jewish cemetery near Gdansk in northern Poland.

Scrawled on graves and the surrounding wall in the seaside Sopot Jewish cemetery were anti-Israel and anti-Jewish messages.

The desecration took place October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day when Polish Catholics visit the graves of deceased relatives.

The local Jewish community head told the Jerusalem Post that it was a "really bad incident." Authorities reacted immediately promised to do more to protect the cemetery, which is owned by the municipality.
"We are terribly sorry this act of vandalism happened. Unfortunately, human stupidity cannot be helped," Sopot Deputy Mayor Pawel Orlowski told a Polish newspaper, adding: "We apologize that this has happened." The act provoked a spontaneous reaction from the citizens of Sopot, who brought to the cemetery candles, flowers and a banner with the message “We are sorry”.
Established in 1913, the cemetery also has a monument to Jewish soldiers who died during World War I. Immediately before the Holocaust, Sopot's small Jewish community numbered 130 - about half survived.

This is the second recent attack on area Jewish cemeteries. In September, anti-Semitic slogans were painted on the Gdansk Jewish cemetery entrance.

Police are investigating both incidents.

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