03 November 2009

New York: Catskills then and now, Nov. 15

Tracing the Tribe just heard from Phil Brown of the Catskills Institute about this screening of "Four Seasons Lodge" and a session on Catskills nostalgia on Sunday, November 15, in New York City.

Readers who attended the 2006 International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in New York City, will remember Phil's very emotional talk on the Catskills.

A Paradise Off Route 17: The Catskills Then and Now

“Four Seasons Lodge” is the award-winning documentary about a bungalow colony populated by Holocaust survivors. The program continues with a lively discussion about Catskills nostalgia, mink coats in July and the quest for an American-Jewish utopia in the mountains of upstate New York.

Director Andrew Jacobs will be joined by Tania Grossinger, author of “Growing up at Grossinger’s,” and Rachel Kranson, a Jewish Catskills writer and historian.

The program venue is the IFC Center, at 6th Avenue and Waverly Place, at 3 pm followed by refreshments and a 45-minute chat around the corner at the Cornelia Street Cafe.

Tickets are $20 for the film and the post-screening event. To reserve a seat, call 212-343-2011 or email Andrew Jacobs.

Watch the film's trailer and learn more here.

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