30 November 2009

Calling Galitzianers: Newsletter material sought

Are you a Galitzianer?

If your research takes you back to this Austro-Hungarian area which became Poland and is now in Ukraine, learn about the resources at Gesher Galicia, the special interest group that focuses on this geographic area.

Tracing the Tribe often writes about the area, the group and its activities as our FINK family comes from Skalat and Suchostaw.

Gesher Galicia also has an informative newsletter, The Galitzianer. Managing editor Janice Sellers is now looking for material to be published in future issues (from February 2010 on). It is published in February, April, July and November.

Material includes articles, graphics. Submitted material may be original or previously published, as long as it is relevant to the area and genealogical research.

Have you visited the area? Write about your experience. Researched extensively? Tell others how you did it. Photos are also useful, both recent and historical. Other welcome material includes articles, charts, lists, book reviews.

In short, the newsletter welcomes all material that touches on Jewish family history in the communities that were part of Galicia (a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) is sought.

Click here to see contents from past issues. Back issues are available to members only for US$4 per copy (paper) or US$2 per copy (electronic). That's another reason to join Gesher Galicia.

You don't have to be a Gesher Galicia member to submit material for the journal. But if your family comes from this area, you should join the group to learn more about it.

The deadline for the February issue is January 15, 2010. Write to The Galitizianer's managing editor Janice Sellers if you have material to submit.

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