07 October 2009

Tel Aviv: Genetics, genealogy with Dr. Doron Behar, Oct. 11

Dr. Doron Behar, chief mtDNA scientist for FamilyTreeDNA, will speak on genetics and genealogy at the next meeting of the Israel Genealogical Society's Tel Aviv branch.

The Hebrew-language program will begin at 7pm, Sunday, October 11, at Bet HaTanach, 16 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv. The library will be open from 6-7pm.

Dr. Behar is a population geneticist focused on Jewish and Near Eastern populations, and has authored and co-authored on numerous published studies. He is currently working on large scale mtDNA-based studies.

He will cover fundamental genetics and its connection to genealogy. No test kits will be sold at the meeting.

He is fascinating speaker, and if you are just starting out in the genetic genealogy field, try to attend. He is also fluent in English, of course, and I'm sure he will take questions in English after his program. He has spoken several times for JFRA's Raanana branch; each time the room has been packed with people interested in DNA, genetics and genealogy.

Attendees may use the library from 6-7pm and ask members for assistance. Non-members: NIS 20.

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