07 October 2009

Puerto Rico: 2nd Genealogy Conference, Oct. 22-25

The second Puerto Rican Genealogy Conference is themed “Genealogía e Historia: Tierra, Familia y Poder” (Genealogy and History: Land, Family and Power) and hosted by the Puerto Rican Genealogy Society.

The four-day conference is set for October 22-25 at the Courtyard by Marriott in San Juan Miramar.

The website is only in Spanish, but the Google translation into English for each page is pretty good. The conference logo is very impressive (above left).

Tracing the Tribe is including this event because Puerto Rico attracted Sephardic Converso families. Only recently have their descendants begun research their family histories. While no topic (below) specifically covers the Converso, Sephardic or Jewish families, it is likely that the topics on coffee and sugar may address this, as will others.

Through the presentation of a series of lectures by historians and genealogists, the conference will illustrate how they complement both disciplines. Genealogy, or the study of family composition and history, and studying the events that put these families in a time and a particular space.

The conference will demonstrate new ways - and through a personal and family approach of the speakers - an understanding of Puerto Rican society through different periods and illustrate how, through family studies, one can arrive at a novel approach to historiographical research. The public will have the opportunity to hear the findings of researchers who will demonstrate case studies as examples where connections are made among pedigree studies and the history of our people.

The main objective of the event is to facilitate and provide - for genealogists and historians - a place for sharing the latest research, developments and new projects.

Each talk is 30 minutes. Click on the speaker's name for more information:

Los Archivos españoles en la investigación genealógica
The Spanish Archives in genealogical research
Los Ponce de León en la conquista de América: el caso Juan González Ponce de León
Ponce de Leon in the conquest of America: The case of Juan Gonzalez Ponce de Leon
La genealogía de Diego Ramos
The genealogy of Diego Ramos
Influencia de las familias asturianas Fernández y Pintueles en la comercialización y exportación del café cialeño. (1850-1899) Influence of the Fernandez and Pintueles families of Asturaia in coffee marketing and export (1850-1899)
La oligarquía azucarera y sus relaciones de parentesco. Puerto Rico 1540-1612
The sugar oligarchy and their relationships. Puerto Rico (1540-1612)

Las hojas de servicio: Records de los militares puertorriqueños en los archivos españoles
Service records: Records of Puerto Rican soldiers in the Spanish archives

Raíces, troncos y ramas familiares en el partido de San Francisco de la Aguada para fines del siglo XVII. Roots, trunks and family branches in the area of San Francisco de la Aguada, late 17th century.
Inmigración y desarrollo socioeconómico en Aguadilla. (1816-1840)
Immigration and socio-economic development in Aguadilla (1816-1840)

Genealogía e Historia: La descendencia de Juan Antonio Marín y Eugenia Maldonado
Genealogy and History: The descendants of Juan Antonio Marin and Eugenia Maldonado
Guayama 1871: Las postrimerías de una sociedad esclavista
Guayama 1871: The aftermath of a slave society

Franceses y esclavos en el Vieques decimonónico
The French and slaves in the 19th century

Guayama 1871: Las postrimerías de una sociedad esclavista
Guayama 1871: the aftermath of a slave society

La descendencia del Capitán Antonio de los Reyes Correa y su relevancia en la historia de Puerto Rico. The descendants of Capt. Antonion de los Reyes Correa and their significanve in Puerto Rican history.
Las migraciones femeninas a Puerto Rico en el período revolucionario (1791-1848)
Female migration to Puerto Rico in the Revolutionary period (1791-1848)

Subversoras del poder: Los malos tratos y el divorcio eclesiástico en Puerto Rico (1819 1827)
Subversive power: Abuse and religious divorce in Puerto Rico (1819-1827

Memoria Puertorriqueña: las familias rectoras de la región Yauco-Guayanilla (Siglos XVIII-XX)
Puerto Rican Memory: Guiding families in the Yauco-Guayanilla region (XVlll-XX)

Una aproximación al clero puertorriqueño del siglo XVIII: El clero y el curato de San Felipe Apóstol de Arecibo (1708-1791). An approach to 18th-century Puerto Rican Clergy: The parish of St. Phillip the Apostle of Arecibo (1708-1791).
Aproximación al proceso de legitimación de prole en el siglo XIX
Approach to legimization of offspring in the 19th century.

The four-day conference fee is $75 (including food), if participants register by October 10. Special rates have been negotiated at Courtyard by Marriott in San Juan Miramar.

For more information, see the website link above.

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