17 October 2009

Long Island: Prussian Poland records, Oct. 25

Prussian Poland records, anyone? If this region features in your research, Roger Lustig will help you.

Roger will present Jewish genealogical sources for Prussian Poland at the next meeting of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island, on Sunday, October 25.
The program begins at 2pm, at the Mid-Island Y-JCC in Plainview, New York.

If you have not heard Roger speak, you're in for an informative expert program.

His experiences with difficult data and old handwritten sources have helped his work with Jewish records. A genealogist and a data-analysis consultant, he studied statistics as an undergrad and musicology in graduate school.

The Prussian government maintained detailed Jewish vital records from 1812-1874. Many records still survive in the archives, although some has been microfilmed, available at Salt Lake City's Family History Library and its branches (via order).

Roger will focus on parts of Prussia now in Poland and outline what is known to exist.

He'll address what the archives are now uncovering and what may still be waiting to be unearthed. Other important issues he'll discuss are the difficulties being confronted by both researchers and archivists.

In addition to illustrating the program with records from varying places and times, he'll demonstrate how to read, understand and transcribe them.

Roger is the son of German Jews. Nearly 30 years ago, his father Ernst Lustig z"l began compiling vital records databases. Today, Roger continues this effort and works with JRI-Poland.

He has visited several Polish State Archives in former Prussian Poland and has transcribed more than 50,000 vital records. As GerSIG research coordinator, he supervises the NALDEX (Name Adoption List Index) project.

The program is free, and JGSLI experts will be available from 1.30pm to help with questions. Resource materials will be available.

For more information and directions, visit the JGSLI website.

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