11 October 2009

Holocaust denier's US parade

The Anti-Defamation League reported that Holocaust denier David Irving has returned to the US for a November lecture tour. Visit the ADL's Holocaust denial introduction here and a detailed page on Irving here for more information.

According to the ADL, his talks attract no more than a few dozen supporters, and are usually held in small venues. They are rarely disruptive to public order, but sometimes attract protests.

For readers who not be familiar with Irving's anti-Semitic philosophy:

* David Irving's Holocaust denial is fundamentally anti-Semitic.

* He asserts that global Jewry crafted the Holocaust "legend" for financial gain, and that Jews have been successful in bilking governments of untold sums of money through Holocaust-related claims.

* Irving has spoken of an "international Jewish conspiracy"against him, has described Jews as "Shylocks," and consistently blames Jews themselves for being hated.

* Although in recent years, Irving has at times publicly affirmed certain details of the Holocaust, he has done so either to deflect legal threats or in order to cynically profit from appearing to "moderate" his views but then promptly disavowing his "reversal" and again promoting Holocaust denial positions.

* Irving's writings, activities, and associations with Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites demonstrate that he continues to articulate and promote hardcore Holocaust denial.

For more information, contact your local ADL office or visit the ADL website, for more information.

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