12 October 2009

Boston: DNA for genealogy, Oct. 18

How valuable is genetic testing for genealogical research?

That's the topic at the next meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston on Sunday, October 18.

Jay Sage will discuss this at 1.30pm at the Gann Academy in Waltham.

The cost of DNA testing has fallen so quickly that companies are now offering tests at prices that individuals can afford.

He'll begin with a short overview of how DNA testing is used for genealogy, what can and cannot be learned from it. Then he'll describe ho the testing is done, the price and how to interpret the results.

Sage is a passionate genealogist who has used DNA testing in his own research. He also had a fleeting personal connection with early DNA research, having spent a grad school summer working on a biochemistry project in Walter Gilbert's laboratory. Gilbert later received the Nobel Prize for advances in DNA sequencing.

A JGSGB past president, Sage presents locally and at international conferences.

Admission: JGSGB members, free; others, $5.

For directions to Gann Academy, click here.

For information on the society's activities and future programming, click here.

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