08 September 2009

New gen data venture announced

Just announced is a new genealogical data brokerage service by the formidable team of Susan E. King and Joyce Field, with decades of experience in genealogy and data acquisition.

Read the complete announcement here.

They have teamed up to use their unique skills to provide a service - brokerage services for those having data of important genealogical value. With contacts spanning the globe and unparalleled relationships with those in the market to digitize, store, and serve genealogical material, there is no doubt that this team will work relentlessly and tirelessly to assure that your data find the proper home which meets the objectives of your organization and are accessible to those who are on their journey of researching their past.

It is well-known, even in the current environment, that many archives and other historical institutions still house an enormous number of valuable genealogical collections in paper records and on microfilm. These records exist without indexes, without finding aids, without online searchable databases. These now inadequate storage media make vital information totally inaccessible for researchers and put an enormous strain on institutions, with staff shortages, trying to answer questions on records.

In addition, storage of and access to historical paper documents, which are often in fragile condition, and microfilm collections are expensive in comparison to digital records. While so many organizations and institutions lack financial and human resources to digitize and index their collections, there are other organizations today eager to partner with them. These partnerships could include digitizing and indexing services at no cost to the institutions with an agreement that the data can be searched online.
The announcement also says that online ordering system can be implemented to process record requests identified in the searchable online databases.

It is possible that the most important benefit of this new venture is to bring much needed funding to those who hold such collections, and also reduce the cost to for staffing to handle the increasing request load. Susan and Joyce call this a win-win situation for everyone.

The goal and objective of the team is to find the most appropriate partner institution for the holders of such collections and to assist institutions in negotiating preliminary details of an agreement to suit the needs of the collection owners.

Susan and Joyce are known through the genealogical community, and believe there should be ways to offer revenue streams for data holders by placing real records beind an online ordering system, while offering searchable indexes to locate them.

Do you have holdings to discuss?

For more information, contact Susan E. King or Joyce Field.


  1. I tried to read Susan King's website, but found it extremely difficult to read because of the black background. I tried to register on her website and log in to make a comment about the difficulty but for some reason, it would not recognize me as a registered member or accept my comment. Please Susan, if you see this TTT blog comment, think of all of us with aging eyes! I tried all the color options on the site, but none of them were easy for me to read, since they all have a black background, and I could not find a way to change the background to white. Please consider those of us with less than perfect vision. Thanks!

    Judy Simon

  2. Hi, Judy, I absolutely agree. I forwarded your comment privately to Susan to make sure she read it, and added my own comments. Eye specialists and visual disability experts agree that a black background is a big NO NO makes it very difficult to read. I tend to highlight text that is on a black background which makes it easier to read, but dark text on a light background is always better. When I changed Tracing the Tribe's background from the darkish green with not so light text to the dark text on a lighter background I received hundreds of thank you notes. I think the cut-off age for those who can read text on a black background is about 12 years old!!!!! We may think we are still 12, but our eyes know better!