19 September 2009

Lithuania: Marijampole passport project

Researchers with a family connection to Marijampole, Lithuania or the general area will be interested in this project.

A translator at the Vilnius Central Archive has begun working on the internal passport records for Marijampole.

It is always important to realize that because your direct ancestors left the town, many other relatives may have remained there. The internal passport files have proven valuable for others for just this reason.

According to Howard Margol, who is coordinating the Internal Passport Project:

If your ancestors lived in the vicinity of Marijampole, they probably applied for their internal passport there and not in the village where they lived. Most of the internal passport records include where the person was born. Usually, 30 - 40 percent of the applicants were born somewhere else other than in the town where they applied for their internal passport. Consequently, these lists are very comprehensive in the areas covered.

The Marijampole file contains quite a number of lists organized by year and shtetl. For instance: One shtetl list contains the name, surname, passport number, issuing date and place where the person lived. The applicant's photograph is usually available by contacting the archive.

These types of projects are not free. For a minimum contribution of $100, earmarked for the "Marijampole Internal Passport Project," researchers will receive all the records as they are translated and the records translated in the future.

Read more about the project here. Contribute to the project here. When your contribution has been made, contact Howard so he can send you the records as they are translated.

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