10 September 2009

Jerusalem: 9th Jewish Names Conference

In recent years, it seems the International Conference for the Study of Jewish Names is always scheduled up against the International Conference on Jewish Genealogy.

Tracing the Tribe does not understand this type of scheduling as the prospective audience is the same for both conferences. Arranging to have these two events follow each other in the same geographic location would certainly add to the richness of Jewish genealogy.

Be that as it may, here's some of what you missed (E=English, H=Hebrew):

Jewish Names in the Modern World
Alexander Beider (E) The Notion of “Jewish Surnames”
Aaron Demsky (E) Jewish Names and the Shoah
Marlene Schiffman (E) Names and Governments: The Historical Effect of Modern Governments on Jewish Names
Ruth Moussaioff-Mason (E) Name Changes and Identity Problems among Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants

Sepharad and Exile
Eunate Mirones Lozano (E) Jaffe, Ederra and Hermoso: One Name in Three Languages for the Same People
Harry Fox (H) The Persistence of the Names of Expelled Jews in Narbonne
Gloria Mound (E) New Onomastic Discoveries in Cuba and Puerto Rico

Different Sources of Personal Names
Meir Lubetski (E) A Pre-Exilic Seal Containing an Unusual Name
Sara Friedman (H) When Aliza met Chedorlaomer: Proper Names in Hebrew Translation
Erga Heller/Vered Tohar (H) Students’ and Teachers’ Names in Hebrew Children’s Literature

Names in Eastern/Western Jewish Communities
Victor Hayoun (H) Tombstone Inscriptions as Part of an Onomastic Study of the Jewish Community of Nabeul, Tunisia
Esther Shkalim (H) Family Names of Iranian Jews: Sources and Meanings
Zofia Abramowicz (E) The Role of the Name in Jewish Self-Identification in Podlasie (Poland) in the 16th-20th Centuries
Marcy Brink-Danan (E) Temporality and Turkish-Jewish Onomastics
Dina Dahbany-Miraglia (E) The Power of the WORD: Yemenite Jews – Names and Naming
Vitaly Shalem (E) Traditional Names of the Mountain Jews: An Etymological Analysis
Ruven Enoch (H) Place-Names in Georgia Connected to Jews and Judaism

Jewish Toponymy
Esther Admit (H) Saloniki and her Names: A Chapter in Hebrew Toponymy from the Beginning of Printing to the 20th Century
Lea Mazor (H) Making the Wilderness Bloom in Place Names from the First Decade of the Nation
Elinoar Bareket (H) Biblical Hebrew Names for Settlements, Countries and Ethnic Groups in the Middle Ages

The Jewish genealogy section of the conference included these presentations:

Jewish Genealogy: An Emerging Field in Jewish Studies
Aaron Demsky (E) Abbaye’s Family History: A Study in Rabbinic Genealogy
Joseph B. Glass/Ruth Kark (E) Jewish Genealogical Research and the Historical Geography of the Land of Israel: Lessons from the Study of the Sephardi Entrepreneurial Elite
H. Daniel Wagner (E) Genealogical Database Merging: A Tool for the Virtual Reconstitution of Vanished Jewish Communities
Neville J. Lamdan (E) Jewish Genealogy: A Legitimate Field for Academic Research?

Many of these name topics seem well-suited to the International Jewish genealogy conferences and program committees for the next two events might want to read these carefully.


  1. Debra Braverman6:05 AM

    I have never heard of this conference. How can I get more information about it?

  2. Is there any possible way that you could help getting us in touch with some of the participants? I am interested in "Esther Admit (H) Saloniki and her Names: A Chapter in Hebrew Toponymy from the Beginning of Printing to the 20th Century" but I can't seem to google her email or find out what University she's working for.