01 August 2009

ShteLinks: New and updated pages noted

New (N) and updated (U) JewishGen ShtetLinks webpages have been announced. See the links below for much more about each locality where our ancestors lived.


(N) Chynadiyovo (Szentmiklos)
(N) Kovel (Kowel)
(U) Jewish Agricultural colonies in the Southern Ukraine


(N) Edeleny (Balajt, Ladbesenyo)
(N) Vamospercs
(U) Bodrogkeresztur (Keresztur)
(U) Kormend
(U) Tiszalok


(N) Selets (Shiletz)


(N) Zloczew
Tracing the Tribe readers who want to create a new site for their ancestral shtetls or adopt an existing "orphaned" page, should send an email.

According to Susana Leistner Bloch (JewishGen's VP for ShtetLinks) and ShtetLinks technical coordinator Barbara Ellman, a team of volunteers are ready to help readers create pages for their ancestral homes. If you would like to create a page but require help, send an email as above.

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