11 August 2009

Sephardic researchers: Book sale

If you're a Sephardic researcher or know someone who is, this sale will be of interest.

Here's a digital Sephardic reference library at one shot. Hispania Judaica is on sale for libraries and scholars only through Friday, August 14. Read all about it here at eBookShuk.com.

Published by Magnes Press, the acclaimed Hispania Judaica Series is a research project at the Dinur Institute, Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The editorial board includes Haim Beinart, Yom Tov Assis and Raquel Ibáñez-Sperber.

The CD-ROM collection, priced at $259, includes 11 monographs and documentary collections on the life of Jews in Spain before, during and after the Expulsion. The regular digital price is $298, but all titles are purchased separately, it would cost $558.

The offer is made to libraries, individuals or institutions. The CD works on PC, Mac or Linux. Those who order by August 14, will also receive, without charge, "Medicine and Medical Ethics in Medieval and Early Modern Spain" (regular price, $49).

The collection includes these 11 digitized, searchable volumes (plus the bonus volume above):

Vol. I: J. Régné, History of the Jews in Aragon: Regesta and Documents 1213-1327 748 pp. More than 3,500 regesta in French, and original documents mostly from the Archivo General de la Corona de Aragon, in Barcelona, throw light on 114 crucial years of Jewish history in the Aragonese-Catalan region.

Vol. II: H. Beinart, Trujillo: A Jewish Community in Extremadura on the Eve of the Expulsion from Spain, 384 pp. + 8 plates.Based on documents published for the first time, this book reveals the life and surroundings of a community lulled into a false sense of security and endeavoring to build its life in peace while the war against Granada continues.

Vol. III: H. Beinart, Conversos on Trial: The Inquisition in Ciudad Real, 352 pp. + 16 plates. This story is eloquently related on the basis of Inquisition files which depict the Conversos’ deep yearning to their Jewish past and the ultimate sacrifice they were prepared to offer for their continued adherence to their ancestral faith.

Vol. IV: B. Leroy, The Jews of Navarre in the Late Middle Ages, 278 pp. Based on documents from archives, the book relates various aspects of Jewish life, the economic activities of the Jews and their work at the service of the Crown in this Christian kingdom.

Vol. V: A. S. Selke, The Conversos of Majorca: Life and Death in a Crypto-Jewish Community in XVII Century Spain, 290 pp.This volume focuses for the most part on the Conversos of XVII century Majorca, the so-called Chuetas, a phenomenon without parallel in all of Spain.

Vol. VI: Y. T. Assis, The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt, 290 pp. This volume attempts to describe Jewish life in a small community of which little is known, on the basis of notary acts found in local archives.

Vol. VII: L. Coronas Tejada, Conversos and the Inquisition in Jaén, 279 pp. This book describes the fate of the Conversos in the Kingdom of Jaén at the hands of the Inquisition Tribunal which operated there for 43 years, from 1483 until 1526.

Vol. VIII: J. Doñate Sebastià & J. R. Magdalena Nom de Déu, Three Jewish Communities in Medieval Valencia: Castellón de la Plana, Burriana, Villarreal, 343 pp. The book describes the history of three neighbouring communities in the medieval Kingdom of Valencia on the basis of archival material from local archives.

Vol. IX: J. Hinojosa Montalvo, The Jews of the Kingdom of Valencia, 721 pp. This book brings to life a comprehensive study of the Jews in this kingdom from the massacres of 1391 to the Expulsion and contains 881 documents found in various archives and published in part here for the first time.

Vol. X: E. Lipiner, Two Portuguese Exiles in Castile: Dom David Negro and Dom Isaac Abravanel, 173 pp.The book contains more than 30 documents related to Portuguese Jewry in general and David Negro and Isaac Abravanel in particular. The book sheds new light on the life of these important personalities.

Vol XI: J. L. Lacave, Medieval Ketubot from Sepharad, 268 pp. + 30 plates. Examination of legal aspects and historic significance of the thirty ketubot (marriage contracts) from various medieval Hispanic kingdoms. and their detailed comparison. The book presents illustrations of the ketubot, some handsomely decorated.

While a number of these books have been indexed on Sephardic websites, the digitized books enable researchers to see the context of names of interest in their own homes, without visiting libraries to find copies of the books in question.


- The collection is downloadable; purchasers also receive a CD.
- Includes the entire series published to date.
- Each volume indexed separately.
- Scholar PDF format.
- Volumes scanned to match the original printed edition.
- Sophisticated navigation system.
- Table of Contents linked to Chapter pages.
- Endnote references hyper-linked to endnotes and back.
- Subject Index entry linked to corresponding text.
- In several volumes, extra care was taken to link Subject Index entries to proper documents regardless of their pages, to make location very easy
- Volumes searchable individually or collectively in diverse ways.
- Printing/copying unrestricted (for personal use).
- Infinitively expandable.
- Can be installed on up to three computers at the same time
- Accessible off-line from any Windows PC, Mac or Linux
- Optional online delivery service for libraries and institutions available

See the link above for more details and ordering information.


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