04 August 2009

Poland: JRI-Poland adds 90,000 records

Jewish Records Indexing-Poland announced the addition of 90,000 additional records.

The new entries to the JRI-Poland online searchable database are from 32 towns. For 19, the data is completely new. Other towns have been updated with data.

The new indices are from Shtetl CO-OPS (records indexed by JRI-Poland volunteers from LDS/Mormon films), Polish State Archives (PSA) projects (data previously indexed under the PSA project, funded and now eligible to go on the database), and some projects from other sources(stay tuned for more announcements!).

JRI-Poland currently has more than 3.56 million Polish Jewish records.

Search by surname and town, or surname and geographical area. For search hints, click here. Do not search by town name only (no hits will result).

There are more than 100 towns for which JRI-Poland has data that cannot be uploaded for searching because the costs of indexing are not yet fully funded.

Learn about at the "Your Town" link at the website. Contact the Town Leader for your town. If there is no Town Leader listed, contact the Archive Coordinator for that town. If there is no information on that town, email the site.

Support your town's indexing or help JRI-Poland's efforts to index Jewish records from all areas of Poland. Click here for more information.

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