11 August 2009

HP offers free online classes

Are you interested in short-term free online classes in a variety of subjects, including software tutorials, business information and more?

HP's Learning Center offers many classes; see them all here. I have taken several of them, including PhotoShop courses, and found them informative, convenient and the right price (free!).

Go to the list of classes and click on any title of interest. Find a section on "What you'll learn" (listing major points covered), a preview of the first lesson. The "Lessons" section also gives class-by-class details. The "Instructor" section provides his/her expertise. Each class has an interactive message board, related courses and students' class reviews. Some classes offer quizzes and assignments which serve to underscore important points.

I found the Photoshop course very helpful, even though I had bought several books. It was good to be able to ask questions about some difficult points and receive quick feedback.
Digital Photography:

Adobe Photoshop CS4; Beginner's guide to saving, printing, sharing photographs; Beyond basics: fundamental photography techniques; Quick Lessons (on various topics); Common photo problems and how to solve them; Photo restoration basics; Scanning Basics; Touch up digital photos.

Home Office:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3; Develop your business: marketing color scheme; Create and print marketing materials; Get started with LightScribe; Go wireless; Laptop PCs: basic troubleshooting, repair; Laptop PCs: troubleshooting wireless problems; Mastering email: keep your inbox clutterfree; Microsoft Excel 2007; Microsoft Word 2007; Networking 101; Online social networking; Practical WiFi security; Print wirelessly; Setting up a wireless home network; Simple backup strategies; Streamline digital media.

Microsoft Office and Adobe:

Many courses in Acrobat, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, etc.

Business Basics:

Building your first website (with podcast), Marketing writing tips and more.
For information on how classes are organized, see the FAQ.

Sign up for new classes as they are announced. That's how I learned about creating PDFs and photo restoration.

While many classes are geared to beginners, there are also clearly noted intermediate and advanced classes.

Learn something new or brush up on a rusty skill. Use this opportunity to discover whether you'd like to take a subject to the next level at a local community college or university adult education division.

We seem to be wired into thinking about learning as soon as we hit August.

Everyone's going back to school!

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