05 July 2009

Workshop: Sephardim in the Holocaust, June 2010:

Now's the time to start thinking about applying for the 2010 Summer Research Workshop on Sephardim in the Holocaust, under the auspices of the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies (CAHS) at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM).

Sephardic Jewry and the Holocaust will run from June 16-25, 2010, and aims to acquaint emerging scholars with the breadth of this rich and diverse subject matter; expose them to new scholarly research on Sephardic Studies and the Holocaust; and provide them with background knowledge, archival resources, and scholarly networking necessary to initiate or continue work in this underrepresented area.
Those eligible include graduate students and others.

The workshop will be led by two leading scholars in the field, Aron Rodrigue and Daniel Schroeter.

Professor Rodrigue is the Eva Chernov Lokey Professor in Jewish Studies and Professor of History at Stanford University, and Director of the Stanford Humanities Center.He has written extensively on the history and culture of Sephardic Jews, Modern Jewish History, Jews of Modern France, minority identities, and the Ottoman Empire.

Professor Schroeter holds the Amos S. Deinard Memorial Chair in Jewish History at the University of Minnesota. His work focuses on the history and culture of Jews in Northern Africa and the Muslim Mediterranean.

The workshop includes seminar and research components. The seminar will address broader issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, such as Ladino language and Sephardic identity; the Sephardic experience in ghettos, camps, and transports; resistance and rescue; and the experience of North African Jews both before and during the war.

Participants will be exposed to broad subject matter to both Sephardic life and culture before the war, and the Sephardic experience during the Holocaust. Regions include Southeastern Europe(Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece) and North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco).

The research portion includes orientation, exposure and guided research in the Museum's extensive archival and other collections.

The Museum has significant holdings concerning North Africa, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, the Jewish community of Monastir, as well as newly acquired collections in Ladino and Judeo-Arabic, and selected collections of Sephardic-survivor oral testimonies and Sephardic music. The workshop will also provide specific presentations on selected topics of interest to the field.
Applications are sought from advanced graduate students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral scholars and early career academics who are either conducting or considering research on Sephardic Jewish Studies, Holocaust Studies in Sephardic countries or communities, or area studies in countries in which Sephardic Jews resided. All disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Candidates must be affiliated with an accredited, degree-awarding institution (baccalaureate, the equivalent, or higher) in North America.

A maximum of 14 scholars will be selected.

For more detailed information, including housing, stipends,etc., send an email, or to Dr. Leah Wolfson. The application deadline is November 23 and applicants will be notified by January 18, 2010.

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