13 July 2009

Philly 2009: An offer you can't refuse!

Jewish genealogy film festival coordinator Pamela Weisberger is making an offer that conference attendees should consider.

Pam is calling for volunteers to staff the film festival room throughout the conference, morning to evening.

It's a great opportunity to see some wonderful films and meet some terrific filmmakers up close. The only requirements are knowing how to run a DVD player, turning lights off and on, adjusting sound levels.

Being organized also helps as it will be your job to switch over from one film to the next on our tight schedule, and make sure the films run on time.If you plan to go to see several films anyway, consider volunteering to be in charge for a few of them.

Pam would prefer to have volunteers work in shifts from 2-5 hours for continuity. Films will run until 10.30pm most nights.

Now for the really interesting part:

- Are you traveling with someone who is not attending the conference? If they volunteer for four hours on one day, they can attend lectures for the rest of that day for free.

- Do you have film buff friends in the Philadelphia area? The offer holds for them as well, as long as they are not JGSGP members.

- It's a great opportunity for responsible high school/college students or seniors,. You can even work in pairs.

See the film schedule here. Many films will have speakers taking Q&A to add to the experience.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping, contact Pam for more information.

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