04 July 2009

On the train

This past week in Los Angeles was simply non-stop friends and family.

While I was in LA, cousin Davina and her husband Edward welcomed baby Gabriella - it's always nice to add another leaf to a branch!

I spent most of Friday on a train heading north to San Jose. Very relaxing - I really enjoy train travel, except for the lack of Internet access.

Although my major activity on the long trip was stretching out in a sleeper car roomette and catching up on reading - and resting up from Jamboree and a hectic few days - I did meet some interesting people at lunch and dinner.

Genealogy is a great ice-breaker for four strangers at a table. Everyone is interested in their family, and everyone had questions as to where they could find more information. I think I convinced two people to do DNA testing at FamilyTreeDNA.

Friends Rosanne and Dan Leeson were waiting at the station and I managed to get some blogging done tonight, but now it's time to get some sleep.

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