04 July 2009

New York: Salonika experiences at YIVO, July 12

The YIVO Institute will sponsor, with the American Sephardi Federation, a seminar on Jewish experiences in Salonika through the YIVO Archives, on Sunday, July 12.

Meet the faculty at 3pm; the seminar begins at 3.30pm, at the Center for Jewish History, 15 W. 16th Street, New York City.

The Ruth Gay Seminar in Jewish Studies is titled "Uncommon voices, Everyday Lives: Jewish experiences in Salonika through the YIVO Archives."

Pre-registration is required; via email or call 212-294-6143.

Presenter Devin Naar is historian of the YIVO Salonika Project. He is a Stanford University doctoral candidate and writing his dissertation on the Jewish community of Salonika during the 19th-20th centuries.

The Archive of the Jewish Community of Salonika at YIVO was organized, microfilmed and digitized through this project. It was funded by the Maurice Amado Foundation and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The seminar chair is Thessaloniki born-and-raised Dr. Isaac Benmayor, who holds a Ph.d. in Modern Greek Linguistics from Oxford University. He's a past president of the American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece, has worked on a number of publications on the Holocaust in Greece and a Ladino scholar.

Dr. Steven Bowman will offer introductory remarks. He is a University of Cincinnati Judaic studies professor and a Greek Jewry historian.

The Salonika Project's academic advisory committee includes Bowman, Benmayor, Stanford University Professor of Sephardic History Dr. Aron Rodrigue, CUNY Graduate CenterDdirector of Jewish studies Dr. Jane Gerber, Greek Jewry historian and Association of Friends of Greek Jewry president Marcia Hadad Ikonomopoulos, Hebrew University Ladino Professor Dr. David Bunis, Panteion University (Athens) Dr. Rena Molho.

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