06 July 2009

Ancestry.com no longer TGN

Ancestry.com is now Ancestry.com, effective today.

That isn't news to a lot of people, as the previous corporate name - The Generations Network - never really caught on. So, effective immediately, the official corporate name is what we have always known it as - Ancestry.com.

The official press release stated

“Our company has a long and fascinating history, and we’ve been through several name changes over the years. But we started with Ancestry.com, and it now feels completely natural to let our company once again share the Ancestry.com brand with our flagship product,” said Tim Sullivan , CEO, Ancestry.com.

“We’re proud that Ancestry.com has developed as the defining online brand associated with family history. Alongside Ancestry.com, we will continue to support our other brands, including Family Tree Maker, myfamily.com, MyCanvas, Rootsweb, Genealogy.com, Jiapu.com and of course, our international Ancestry sites.”

Some stats:

Ancestry.com has more than 4 billion records, proprietary search technologies, 950,000 subscribers and more than 3.5 million members.

It has the only completely indexed online U.S. Federal Census Collection (1790-1930), the most comprehensive online compilation of U.S. ship passenger lists (1820-1960), the largest online collection of African American historical documents and the most comprehensive online collection of U.S. military records, among others.

Current international sites are US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, France, Sweden and China. The company is also involved in Ancestry.com DNA, MyCanvas, Family Tree Maker 2009 and a redesigned MyFamily.com.

If readers are still confused, this will explain it all:

The Generations Network operates through two companies; Generations Holding, Inc., which is changing its name to Ancestry.com Inc. and The Generations Network, Inc., which is changing its name to Ancestry.com Operations Inc. The company will refer to itself as Ancestry.com.
For more information, visit Ancestry.com.

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