11 June 2009

Using Twitter for genealogy

Diane Haddad at Family Tree Magazine's Genealogy Insider blog posted "10 Ways to Use Twitter for Genealogy."

Twitter isn’t just a place to exchange meaningless thoughts in 140 characters or less. Many people find the social networking site a useful place to meet and learn from those who share the same interests. The genealogy community has really embraced it.

According to Diane, family historians can use Twitter in these ways (read the complete post for more information on each):
1. Find other genealogists.

2. Learn about research resources.

3. Get opinions on genealogy Web sites and products.

4. Ask questions.

5. Be heard by people who work at genealogy companies.

6. Get links to how-to advice.

7. Hear about industry news.

8. See how funny genealogists can be.

9. Find events.

10. Learn about relevant sales and giveaways.

Sign up for an account at Twitter.com, then you can follow Family Tree Magazine at @FamilyTreeMag, Tracing the Tribe at @tracingthetribe, or any of your other favorite geneabloggers.

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