16 June 2009

New York: Hungarian Jewish survivors, June 21

Dr. Alice Freifeld, University of Florida associate professor in history, will speak on her current Hungarian Jewry book project at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, on Sunday, June 21.

The program begins at 3pm in the Kovno Room, Center for Jewish History, in New York City.

Dr. Freifeld, current president of the Hungarian Studies Association, will focus on her current book project on Hungarian Jewry 1945-1949. She is the author of "Nationalism and the Crowd in Liberal Hungary, 1848-1914" and the recipient of the Barbara Jelavich Book Prize in Slavic Studies.

Her presentation will focus on the conditions faced by Hungarian Jewish survivors in the aftermath of the Holocaust, on war crimes trials, new anti-semitism, and the Hungarian Jews fleeing to Austrian and German displaced persons camps.

In 1948-49, the borders were shut except for a last wave of illegal departure after Israel was founded. As many as 120,000 Jews would remain in Budapest during the Communist era, and 10 percent fled during the 1956 revolution.

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