13 May 2009

NewspaperARCHIVE: Free trial

Who doesn't like free?

Here's a great way to try NewspaperARCHIVE.com with a free membership offer.

As a journalist, I know newspapers can be central to our family history research. We may find an article detailing an ancestor's life or one providing an eye-witness account of a specific historical event. Each page is a window to the past, allowing us to understand how our ancestors lived.

Sign up with a valid email address for a free membership. No credit card information is required and the whole process takes only about 30 seconds. Free members can view newspaper pages and utilize helpful features including:
- A filing cabinet to save newspaper pages
- A page to host and add comments to favorite newspaper pages
- Search alert tools
- Tips and tricks to search effectively through the archives.
There is a caveat, of course, free members can view only three newspaper pages each day. If you find information valuable for your personal quest, upgrade to a monthly or annual membership to find more details.

The site believes this will be an important change, marking the beginning of a new, more socially-integrated site. NewspaperArchive.com is also looking for feedback and comments from users. I hope that Tracing the Tribe readers will assist them in improving the experience for everyone.

The free membership means readers can read through more than 1,000 unique articles covering 1759-2009, all 50 US states and some additional countries - currently more than 95 million pages from 3,000 publications.

There's also a daily newsletter bridging historic and contemporary events.

For more information on the free membership, click here.

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