09 May 2009

JRI-Poland: Pruchnik, Wyszogrod records added

Jewish Records Indexing-Poland always updates its databases in the months leading to the annual international conference on Jewish genealogy.

This year, the 29th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy is set for August 2-7, in Philadelphia (click here for program, registration and all details).

Two more record groups - for Pruchnik and Wyszogrod - have just been added to JRI-Poland, according to the organization's executive director Stan Diamond of Montreal.

Such projects cannot be completed without the generous support of many researchers around the world who have made it possible to disseminate this priceless information and preserve it for future generations of descendants.


Indices are available to all surviving pre-1905 birth and pre-1904 marriage and death records of this town. In 2005, registers were transferred from the Pruchnik Civil Records Office to the Prezemsyl branch of the Polish State Archives.

Indexed records include 4,300 birth, marriage/banns and death entries over 70 years, 1,100 different surnames (and variations), covering Births (1834-1905), Marriages (1885-1903, including Banns)' and Deaths (1835-1903).

Entries include names of both parents, mother's maiden name, age at marriage and death, and town in which individuals lived at the time or previously.

As is the case with many records, there are references to more than 250 other nearby towns and villages, which may provide additional clues to researchers who follow the "cast a wider net" theory of Jewish genealogy. Always look at surrounding villages and towns for information.

Towns and villages with more than 10 references in this collection are the following:

Blazow 10, Bystrowice 18, Chorzow 43, Cieszanow 10, Czelatyce 79, Czudolowice 10 , Czudowice 20, Dubiecko 18, Dukla 9, Dynow 22, Grodzisko 11, Hawlowice 30, Jaroslaw 38, Jodlowka 154, Kanczuga 27, Kosienice 10, Kramarzowka 98, Krzywcza 11, Oleszyce 21, Przemysl 23, Przeworsk 12, Raczyna 152, Radymno 10, Rokietnica 233, Rozborz 176, Rozniatow 13, Rozwienica 22, Rudolowice 31, Rzeplin 37, Sieniawa 16, Siennow 10, Swiebodna 46, Tuliglowy 57, Tyniowice 38, Wegierka 111, Wieckowice 44, and Wola Wegierska 30.
Do you have questions about the Pruchnik project or the records? Email Pruchnik Town Leader David Fielker.


Funding has been completed for 1886-1905 vital records (birth, marriage and death) which are now online.

There are 4,400 records in this group from the Plock branch of the Polish State Archives, and are searchable now online at JRI-Poland.

JRI-Poland has also indexed the Wyszogrod Books of Residents, with more than 5,500 entries, including individuals born as early as 1806. Fundraising is still going on for this part of the project. To learn how to contribute, for information or for extracted surname lists from the records, send an email.

Take the time to look over the many resources of JRI-Poland.

Records are added all the time, so remember to check the database frequently. What was missing a few months ago, you may find today.

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