12 May 2009

India: Hebrew calligraphy

Tracing the Tribe recently received a note from Thoufeek Zakriya, 20, a hospitality management student who lives in Cochin, India, which is famous for its ancient Jewish community.

Thoufeek creates beautiful Hebrew calligraphy illustrated in his blog My Calligraphy.

What is even more interesting is that he is an Indian Muslim, whose calligraphy skills include Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Syrian, Samaritan and English.

Take a look at Thoufeek's blog and see some of his work in the slide show link, as well as the postings. In the slide show is an image of the foundation stone of the synagogue in Kochangadi. Built in 1344, it is the oldest synagogue in Cochin.

Through Thoufeek's blog, I was reminded of photographer Jono David who photographs Jewish sites around the world. His amazing catalog of images is at the Jewish Photo Library.

Jono's project is called HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library. Its important mission:

To contribute to the preservation of Jewish communities of the world by documenting them photographically. Each photograph gives vision to community life today while safeguarding memories for tomorrow.
Tracing the Tribe will do a separate post on Jono David's work.

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