04 May 2009

Footnote + Facebook: 'I remember'

Footnote.com has just launched "I Remember," a Facebook application.

Footnote has met with many genealogists and family historians over the years, writes marketing director Justin Schroepfer. They've voiced a common problem - trying to get family interested and engaged with family history.

Instead of trying to get everyone to come to Footnote to participate in family history, the site is bringing Footnote to the masses via Facebook. "I Remember" enables people on Facebook to view any existing Footnote Page or create a new page without leaving Facebook, writes Justin.
These pages are used to document the life events and memories of our ancestors or anyone else that had a meaningful impact on our lives: family, friends, classmates, teachers, mentors, religious leaders, or even pets.

Utilizing the Facebook environment, people are now able to more easily share these pages with their friends and family.

Another feature is that any contribution or upload that is made on Facebook is also featured on Footnote.com.

According to the press release, the application is aimed at helping connect Facebook users to share memories of loved ones.

Few events in life generate the emotions and memories as does the passing of a friend, family member or colleague. However, without the appropriate tools and forum to preserve and share these memories, a loved one’s legacy may be lost. Now with I Remember, Facebook users can create a meaningful experience to honor those individuals that had an impact on their lives.

Using I Remember, Facebook users can share stories, upload photos, post comments and add facts about an individual. These facts will automatically generate a timeline of the individual’s life and a map detailing important places and events. Further, shared information will undoubtedly spark more memories. Soon a robust page can be created through the simple efforts of a few people coming together. For an example of an I Remember page, click here.

In addition, contributions using I Remember on Facebook will also be accessible on Footnote.com, a premier history website. From the I Remember pages on Facebook, users can easily tap into the over 53 million historical documents found on Footnote.com to discover additional information about those people they are remembering.

Click here to learn more about I Remember.

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