17 April 2009

New Blog: Internet Genealogy by DearMyrtle

How she does all this, Tracing the Tribe doesn't know, but one of our favorite geneabloggers, DearMYRTLE, has started a new blog, Internet Genealogy.

Well, after much anticipation and behind-the-scenes effort, Ol' Myrt here is pleased to announce the birth of a BRAND NEW Genea-Blog namely the Internet-Genealogy Blog featuring my take on topics presented in Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, Discovering Family History and History Magazine.
Congratulations, Myrt. We wish you all the best.

For those who are newcomers to genealogy, Myrt is an amazing person. She writes three blogs now: DearMyrtle.com, TeachGenealogy.com, and now Internet Genealogy.com. She also conducts two podcast series, DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour and Family History Expos Genealogy Podcasts. She's also on Facebook!

Go to her new blog and sign up for alerts.


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Schelly, odiogo isn't reading the entire post.

  2. Yes, we are trying to work out some glitch somewhere. It is frustrating, but I have hope we'll resolve it soon.

  3. This was interesting. I have been looking all over the web for some places to go for internet genealogy and places that would also train me in the proper ways of doing it. I really like the site that was listed here and will look more into it.