06 March 2009

Journal: Contents of GenAmi 47

Micheline Gutmann of GenAmi (Paris, France) announced the articles in the newest issue (no. 47) of the GenAmi journal.

Articles include:

- The family of Leefmann CALMER, glory and oblivion.

Born in Friesland (1713), married in Den Haag, he arrived in France where King Louis the 14th gave him important territory near Amiens. He was ruined by trials conducted by the Catholic Church. Of his seven children, two sons were executed during the Revolution, and several marriages were made with French noble families ...

- A very modest Jewish family from Alsace.
Jules ADLER was a painter born in Franche-Comte, a marvellous painter of poor people.

- Pont-Audemer in Normandy, a Jewish community in the Middle Ages.

- The Jews of Valreas (north of Avignon) in the 16th century.

- Livornese and Tunisian - History of the Jews of Tunisia and their names, by specialist Prof. Boccara.

- The Jewish cemetery of Tunis, the Borgel, the AICJT and the GenAmi project.

- New content at the GenAmi website.

- Djerba: The El Ghriba Synagogue.
For information on how to obtain the journal, click here (French) or here (English).

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