08 February 2009

Museum of Family History: New in February

Where in the world is Steve Lasky, creator of the Museum of Family History and what has he done now?

He was in Florida and he's always busy improving his cyberspace Museum of Family History.

Steve reminds visitors that he now offers a Google-powered search engine on the site's home page or on a separate Search page. Check the site map page.

- Jewish Philadelphia now has its fourth entry - reading Jack Segal’s story about growing up in Philly in the early-mid1900s.

- Thomas Jefferson High School Database has new information from the January and June 1931 yearbooks. In the next month or so, Steve plans to add data from the 1933-34 and 1938-40 books. Volunteers needed: Steve needs some help with simple database entry for the senior photos. The sooner he gets some help, the sooner the database will be updated.

- Just for Latvia researchers, Steve will be placing online excerpts from the English translation of “Chorbn Lettland: The Destruction of the Jews of Lettland.” This important work was written soon after the war, in 1947, and recently translated to English.

- Read the first excerpt from this book re Simon Dubnow, Jewish historian, writer and activist.

- The Screening Room now offers a film clip of "The Tree of Life." A Los Angeles woman comes to terms with her father's death by traveling to Italy, where he was born, to trace the family tree. Her 82-year-old aunt (her father's sister) helps and she travels from city to city, searching ancient manuscripts and interviewing many quirky scholars to piece together the puzzle and fascinating story of her Italian Jewish ancestors. At the link above, click on number 18 and turn on your speakers.

- New Jersey's Riverside Cemetery now has a searchable database; click on "Genealogy Search."

- The Jewish Museum of Maryland has five PDF files available for download with the cemetery burial listings for Baltimore, Maryland.

For questions or to volunteer to assist with yearbook entries, contact Steve.

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