14 January 2009

Warm fuzzies: Uncle Lou's graduation photo

Following the very kind comment of an anonymous reader concerning my great-uncle, Dr. Louis Tollin, detailed here, I set out to find his yearbook photo. I used to have a copy here somewhere, but believed it had been lost in our last move.

I emailed the University of Maryland Medical School Alumni Association yesterday. Today, I had a nice email from them with Uncle Lou's 1927 yearbook entry attached (above).

Thank you, University of Maryland!

I was also successful - about 12 years ago - in contacting what was South Side High School - now Shabazz High School - attended by Uncle Lou, my grandmother and their siblings. When I called them, a very nice young woman went into a back room and found the dusty records.

Moral: Contact your ancestors' high schools, colleges or universities and see what they might have. You may be pleasantly surprised! Don't forget to contribute your own family yearbooks to online resources to make it easier for others to find information for their own families.

Get ready to do the genealogy happy dance!

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