19 January 2009

Museum of Family History - new in January

Steve Lasky, creator/curator of the Museum of Family History.com, is visiting in South Florida and attended two JGS meetings in the area. He just informed me that he has updated his website search tool to a custom Google search engine. Steve's site grows so fast that a good search engine was essential. Check it out here

He's always busy and those who know him believe he never sleeps. Here's a quick look at what he's added just this month:

- World Jewish Communities: Multimedia honors the history of our Jewish families where they once lived. The first two WJC exhibits are for Czernowitz (Ukraine) and Ozarow (Poland) with Zambrow (Poland) and Mukacheve (Ukraine) on the way.

- Voices of Czernowitz: Read about several Czernowitzers: tenor Josef Schmidt and poets Itzik Manger and Rose Auslander. You can hear some Schmidt arias; you can hear Manger recite two of his poems in Yiddish and hear an Auslander poems and read her words (written in German.) The Yiddish poems are presented in Yiddish (with Hebrew letters), transliterated Yiddish, as well as in English.

- Hear two recordings of Yiddish songs sung c1913 by Liza Fischer, who acted in the Yiddish theatre of Warsaw. Click on the link at the bottom of the page.

- A searchable database is online for alumni or searchers of alumni of Thomas Jefferson High School, in East New York, Brooklyn. This was a predominantly Jewish school, and the database will become part of a future "Jews of Brooklyn" exhibit - Steve also plans to add Jews of the Bronx, Manhattan, etc. Currently, there are eight Jefferson yearbooks (1927-1936) to browse through or search. For those who attended Samuel J. Tilden High School, in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Steve Morse has a similar database.

As Tracing the Tribe previously noted, I found my Uncle Bob in the Tilden database. Readers who graduated either school should contact Morse or Lasky, who are both looking to add to their respective databases. I almost feel inspired to create one for the High School of Music & Art, my own school! There are several Jewishgenners who attended M&A. Hooray for the magenta and powder blue - well, it WAS an "arty" school!

-Living in America, The Jewish Experience: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania includes "The Jewish Quarter of Philadelphia," and two related short exhibitions.

- Something is always new at this virtual Museum. For breaking news, visit the Recent Updates page.

Take a cyberwalk around the museum. I know you'll find it informative.

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