16 January 2009

Here they come! Geneabloggers 'invade' TGN

Living on the other side of the world from the majority of my geneablogging colleagues sometimes presents problems. One great event that I missed was the recent invasion of The Generations Network by a group of geneabloggers visiting the Salt Lake City area.

Thanks to Leland Meitzler of the GenealogyBlog - it's great to see him back online after a few months' hiatus - view a round-up of relevant posts on the event by this prolific group of bloggers. He writes that this is "to be continued," so check out his blog for updates.

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings offered multiple posts:
Day 2 in Salt Lake City - Visit to TGN - Part 1
Day 2 in Salt Lake City - A Visit to TGN - Part 2
Saturday Night Fun - Who Went to A.com?
Day 2 in SLC - A Visit to TGN - Part 3
Day 3 in SLC - the TGN Dinner and FTM 2009
Leland is keeping score about the TGN visit

Diane Haddad of the Genealogy Insider posted:
New and Next at Ancestry.com
From Paper (or Film) to the Web
Secret Genealogy Blogger Revealed! (Partially)
Online Searching: It’s Complicated
Inside Ancestry.com’s Top Secret Data Center
Wrapping Up Our Look Inside Ancestry.com (this wasn't on Leland's list, so I added it)

DearMyrtle provided:
Touring TGN/Ancestry
Day 2 in Salt Lake City - A Visit to TGN - Part 2
TNG & TGN - Was that a Trekie reference
More Reports of the TGN/Ancestry Tour

The Ancestry Insider posted I'm in heaven and Content is King.

Information provided covered new and improved content, technology, customer input, marketing efforts, consumer education and FTM software features. It was an excellent idea to gather a group who are able to disseminate the details.

A few years ago, when the IAJGS conference was held in Salt Lake City, I was treated to my very own private tour of the Ancestry facility in Provo (and a very good Chinese dinner in a nearby restaurant!). It was a great day, thanks to Susanne Russo Adams and others.

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