05 January 2009

DNA predictions for 2009

Eye on DNA is one of my favorite DNA blogs, written by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei, whose sense of humor provides a light-hearted look at some serious science. Here's her Outrageous DNA Predictions for 2009

Here’s what she sees coming in 2009.

1. 23andMe will begin selling their tests on drugstore shelves.

2. President Barack Obama will be offered genome sequencing as part of his annual physical examination. (Coincidentally, John Hawks has more on “privacy, politicians, and genetic testing.”)

3. Apple will launch iSEQ - instant DNA testing and analysis in a handheld device complete with apps for social networking, etc.

4. The first 10 participants in the Personal Genome Project will band together to be called Fantastic Ten. Each will reveal secret superpowers that are embedded in their DNA.

5. The U.S. government passes laws to obtain DNA from all its citizens which it says will help protect the innocent and punish criminals.

For her review of major DNA happenings during 2008, see her editor's note in KromoNews: Weekly Human Genetics Newsletter.

Would you like to add any predictions to Hsien-Hsien's list? Let me know.

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