10 October 2008

More technology tips

I've recently discovered New York Times blogger David Pogue who writes Pogue's Posts - the latest in technology, and always has something interesting to read. Reader comments also supply even more tips and useful knowledge.

Don't know why I haven't mentioned him before, but again Genealogy Insider reminded me that Tracing the Tribe's readers might also benefit from his expertise.

His detailed post last week on tips for computer users was interesting and, as of today, there are nearly 1,200 reader comments, many with additional tips.

His post covers many "essential tech bits" that a lot of people assume everyone knows. However, many people are simply not aware of these shortcuts. Mac and iPhone tips are also covered.

- Double-click a word to highlight it in a document, email or Web page.

- Reminders about "phishing" and other scams and where to find real information on them, at http://www.snopes.com.

- Enlarge text on any Web page, using keys as well as your mouse wheel.

- Use Google to do math for you. [That's one this math-challenged blogger really likes]

- Remember to empty the Recycle Bin or Trash. Get rid of months or years of computer-slowing trash.

Pogue's past posts (how's that for alliteration?) have covered flash drives and many other topics.

Here's his post (September 25) on Google search tips.

I did try his tip on using the "I feel lucky" option to search. I typed schelly genealogy in the Goggle searchbox and clicked "I feel lucky" - up popped Tracing the Tribe. Neat. Typing dardashti genealogy brought up Ancestry.com's surname search index. schelly dardashti genealogy again brought up Tracing the Tribe.

Try some of his suggestions.

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