17 October 2008

Israel: Judeo-Spanish material culture series

Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, is holding a series of six meetings on the material culture of Judeo-Spanish speakers at the Salti Center for Ladino Studies.

"Possessions Tell a Judeo-Spanish Past" is the topic of the first meeting on Nov. 19.

Topics will include Balkan Judeo-Spanish dress, home and synagogue textiles, Ottoman Empire Jewish homes and their contents, religious artifacts, Sephardic synagogue art, anthropological research on Sephardic Jews and Judeo-Spanish musicology.

The series will take place in 2008, on November 19, December 3, 17 and 31; in 2009: on January 14 and 21.

The website is here; unfortunately, it is only in Hebrew, thereby excluding thousands of interested readers around the world. The Salti Center's email is ladinocn@mail.biu.ac.il. Readers who feel that it would be good to have an English version of the site might wish to send an email with that suggestion.

There will also be a series on Ladino song during April, May and June 2009 at the Salti Center, with musicologist Dr. Shoshan Weich-Shahak and singer Orit Pearlman.

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