02 September 2008

Back now in Tel Aviv

Hello, readers!

New York was lovely and relatively cool last week. I managed to see some friends and cousins in the city and on Long Island - at times, it seems that everyone in Great Neck and environs is related to our family.

My flight into Geneva, Switzerland was delightful with a ground temperature of 50F and sunny. With only a very short connecting flight to Tel Aviv, I didn't even have time to call our Dardashti cousins who live in Geneva. Both flights were smooth and comfortable.

However, Tel Aviv was a nearly unbearable 30C when I got outside the terminal at about 6pm tonight. That's hot! Think sticky, humid and the rest of it.

Fortunately, I'm back now in air conditioning, unopened suitcases all over the place and just doing a quick email scan and blog comment check before tackling the aftermath of this summer's trip.

Look for numerous postings in the next few days.

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