08 September 2008

Australia: UK's Anthony Joseph, Sept. 9

Dr. Anthony Joseph of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain will present "In Search of Jewish Ancestry," at the Society of Australian Genealogists in Sydney.

The meeting is from 10.30am-12.30pm Tuesday, September 9, at Richmond Villa, 120 Kent St., Sydney. For fee details, see the website link above.

Anthony Joseph will speak on the growth and development of interest in looking for Jewish forbears over the past 60 years. His talk encompasses a brief outline of the history of Jewish communities’ world wide (especially English speaking countries), research methodologies and the vast increase in sources that have become available in modern times.

He'll also look at some of the paradoxes of researching Jewish families, the pitfalls of which to be aware and the interface between the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds.

It was a great pleasure seeing Anthony in August at the Chicago 2008 conference. He played an essential role - so many years ago - in locating my London-based TALALAY relatives which led to the reconnection with this branch's US and Canadian relatives.

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