09 August 2008

Nebraska: Kids and genealogy

Most readers know that I am an advocate for family history programming for young people.

The Buffalo County Historical Society in Nebraska is doing something about "Getting Kids Involved in Genealogy."

The link provides some interesting ideas for projects - do read the complete article for more details.

- Many children come from non-traditional homes - drawing a family tree is more difficult. A family garden is an easier way to show the relationships kids' have with their siblings, parents, and grandparents.

- Making shadow boxes containing pictures of grandparents with stories and objects in the background. Each box was a different story, can be passed down and may become heirlooms. 

- Ancestry.com: Have young people view photocopies of ancestors' signatures, discuss the different in handwriting. Have them look through old family photos and redraw them to learn the stories.

- Digupyourroots.com: Have young people create a family newsletter and interview relatives for stories, make a calendar of family events, include family photos. Look for the Just for Kids link, bottom left of that page.

Read the complete article  for more details.

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