27 August 2008

Litvak SIG: Online Journal

Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan is editor of the LitvakSIG Online Journal, now featuring a new article.

"My Recent Jewish Heritage Roots Tour to Lithuania and Belarus: Moving and Inspiring - But Also Disturbing" is by Bill Yoffee, who writes about his summer 2008 travels to his ancestral shtetls of Dalhinif (Dolginovo) in Belarus, and Birzai, Kirchel (Kirkilai), Slepzie (Slepsciai), and Pokroi (Pakruojis).

The story touches on the Karaites, and evidence indicating a disturbing resurgence of anti-Semitism.

Other articles:

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- "Visiting The Jewish Cemeteries in Kaisadorys and Zasliai"
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