09 May 2008

Where's the nearest genealogy pub?

The Association of Professional Genealogists discussion list has provided a humorous twist over the past few days.

I was all set to document this interesting idea, but Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings beat me to it.

Tom Kemp of GenealogyBank started it all with a post about the first genealogy publication published some 284 years ago, which he shortened to genealogy "pub" - provoking comments about the location of this Colonial-era establishment.

The first genealogy published in America appeared in a newspaper 284 years ago - today – May 7, 1724.

It appeared in the American Weekly Mercury. It was a genealogy of King Philip V of Spain. Genealogy articles routinely appeared in colonial newspapers.

The first genealogy published in book form was in 1771 – the Stebbins Genealogy and by 1876 and the nation’s first centennial there were less than 1,000 genealogies published.

There's more, so read Tom's complete post.

It went giggling downhill from there on the APG list and covered possible pick-up lines, genealogy-compatible liquid refreshments, amenities that might be offered and even included song lyrics by Drew Smith.

A suggestion was made about organizing a genealogical retirement community which might surround the Gen Pub.

Read all about the suggestions here.

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