15 May 2008

Poland: Wroclaw Jewish Studies Conference

The Fifth Wroclaw International Conference on Jewish Studies is themed "Modern Jewish Culture: Diversities and Unities," and will take place June 24-26, at Wroclaw University in Poland.

It is organized by the Department of Jewish Studies, Wroclaw University (Poland) and Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, with support from the Rothschild Foundation, Taube Foundation, and Pennsylvania State University. There will be tours of Jewish Wroclaw.

International senior scholars will exploring the intersection of modernity and Jewishness in the expression, representation, and construction of culture.

A small sample of programs:

--"How Jews understand they are Jews: Jewish Identities in the Modern World," Mikhail Chlenov (State Jewish Maimonidies Academy, Russia).

--"Representing Jewish Culture: The Problem of Boundaries," Jonathan Webber (University of Birmingham, UK)

--"Mixed Motives: Sustaining And Defining Jewish Heritage In A Small Italian City Today," Steve Siporin (Utah State University, USA),

--"Beyond Virtual Jewishness: New Authenticities, Real Imaginary Places, and The Commodification of Jewish Culture," Ruth Ellen Gruber (Italy)

--"Creating, Displaying, and Depicting Jewish Memory and Culture," Richard I. Cohen (Hebrew University, Israel)

--"Building the Museum of the History of Polish Jews: A Work in Progress," Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (New York University, USA)

--"The Jewish Cemetery Landscape as a Text of Culture," Agnieszka Jagodzinska (Wroclaw University, Poland),

--"Ladino: The Sound That Has Slowly Disappeared From the Wider Soundscape of Turkey," Karen Sarhon (Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Culture Research Center, Turkey)

--"Culture As Identity Peg: The Role of Culture in the Construction of Jewish Identity," Andras Kovacs (Central European University, Hungary),

--"Migration and Jewish Memory: Means of Transport and Storage in Modern Times," Joachim Schloer (University of Southampton, UK),

--"Poles Rediscovering Their Jewish Roots And Identity: What Does This Mean And How Does It Happen?" Rabbi Michael Schudrich (Poland)

To register and for complete details, email conference coordinator Agnieszka JagodziƱska, conference coordinator, jagodzinska(at)yahoo(dot)com prior to 23 May.

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