04 April 2008

Lithuania: LitvakSIG adds 20,000+ records

More than 20,000 new records have been added to LitvakSIG's All Lithuania Database, housed on JewishGen. They include revision, tax and voters lists.

Some towns included are: Alytus, Antakalnis, Batakiai, Birzai, Butrimonys, Darsuniskis, Daugai, Erzvilkas, Girkalnis, Jieznas, Jurbarkas, Kelme, Kraziai, Kvedarna, Merkine, Nemunaitis, Nemaksciai, Pumpenai, Punia, Raseiniai, Rietavas, Silale, Siluva, Skaudvile, Stakilskes, Sveksna, Taurage, Trakai, Varena, Veivirzenai, Vidukle, Vievis,Zaslai, Zemaiciu Naumiestis,Ziezmariai and others.

LitvakSIG District Research Groups project coordinator Dorothy Leivers reminds readers that records in this latest upload were distributed as Excel spreadsheets to qualifying donors at least a year ago.

Researchers who find records of interest are asked to consider joining the research group for that particular area. Those who join and make a financial donation (which goes to making more records available) receive complete spreadsheets in advance of the material appearing on the publicly accessible All Lithuania Database on JewishGen, which already includes some 500,000 records.

Additional records mean readers may make more connections, while qualified contributors receive data for numerous towns making it easier to widen the search.

The Vital Records Indexing Project seeks to raise monies for the purpose of funding the translation of approximately 800,000 Lithuanian Jewish Vital records from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The translations produced as Excel format spreadsheets are distributed to qualified donors.

We primarily seek qualifying donors for each town [$100+] as well as major contributors wishing to create challenge grants although all contributions are welcome. The translated records are eventually uploaded to the All-Lithuania Database [ALD] as prescribed by LitvakSIG policy.

The current policy allows translations to go online one year after qualifying donors receive their translations.

For more information and to search the database, click here

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