09 March 2008

Washington, DC: Medicine library, immigration records, March 16

The National Library of Medicine at the National Institute of Health campus (Bethesda, Maryland) holds resources available to genealogists. If you have relatives or ancestors who were medical or science professionals, NLM records may fill in blanks regarding birth, education and death, as well as their careers.
NLM librarian Dr. Stephen Greenberg will present "How the Resources of the NLM can help in your genealogy research," and demonstrate the use of the internet at the library website and materials in library stacks at a members'-only workshop of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Washington, at 11am Sunday, March 16.

The public section (1pm) of the day at B'nai Israel (Rockville, Maryland) will feature US Immigration Service senior historian Marian L. Smith at 1pm. Smith, who recently completed a West Coast visit to several JGSs, will present "Documenting Immigrants to America 1882-1954."

Smith will discuss records on millions of American immigrants at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), including ship passenger lists, land border arrival records, visa files. She will focus on immigration and naturalization records of a typical late 19th-early 20th century immigrant.

The USCIS Senior Historian is a popular lecturer at national and international genealogy conferences on the history and uses of immigration and naturalization recordsm, and her articles appear in the National Archives journal Prologue, the FGS Forum, and other publications.

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