07 March 2008

Arizona: Phoenix's Jewish experience

Jewish historical societies play an essential role in preserving community experiences. They often hold archives, libraries, photographs and other collections of the life of the community from the arrival of the first Jews to their later contributions.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center holds the state's Jewish history, according to The Arizona Republic.

The site dates to 1921. From 1922-1949, it was first Congregation Beth Israel, then the city's first Chinese-speaking church and then a Hispanic church. In 2002, the Arizona Jewish Historical Society bought the site and is completely renovating it.

"It has served three ethnic groups that have made important contributions to the city of Phoenix," said Larry Bell, executive director of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society, which is renovating the site as a museum and gallery.

When open to the public it will focus on the Arizona Jewish experience and the other groups and congregations that occupied the building.

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